Australia's Gondwana Link

Home to Unique Wildlife

You can help protect one of the world's most beautiful and diverse habitats when you Adopt an Acre® in Australia today.

Southwestern Australia brims with a dizzying array of plants and wildlife. From ancient rainforests along the coast to the Mediterranean forests further inland to the edge of the legendary Australian Outback, this large, biologically diverse corner of Australia is home to 10,000 distinct plant and animal species, including kangaroos, emus, dingoes, wallabies and tiny honey possums. Over half of the plant and 20 percent of the animal species are found nowhere else on Earth.

Within the Great Western Woodlands region of Gondwana Link, the exceptional plant diversity nurtured by the eucalypt woodlands and open bushland, intermixed with low shrublands and grasslands, is one of the primary reasons for the region’s conservation significance.

Lost Landscapes

A multitude of pressures increasingly threaten the region's rich plant and animal life—2,500 plant species are on the verge of extinction. Today, salinity, invasive species and climate change are driving a second wave of habitat destruction. Land fragmentation from development, mining and other human activities is increasingly disrupting the vital ecological systems and delicate processes that sustain the region's unique plant and wildlife.

Adopt an Acre® in Australia now to help protect this critical woodlands area.

How Can You Help Save Australia's Gondwana Link?

When you give today to the Adopt an Acre® program, you will help the Conservancy protect and restore one of the world's most extraordinary yet highly threatened regions.

You can also call 1-800-84-ADOPT to donate.

With your $50 donation per acre to the Adopt an Acre® program, you will receive:

  • Personalized certificate with signature photo of Gondwana Link commemorating your generosity
  • Colorful fact sheet about Gondwana Link
  • Adopt an Acre® Australia magnet set
  • Four issues of Nature Conservancy magazine to keep you informed all year about the many places the Conservancy is working to protect. (Plus, we'll rush the current magazine issue along with your personalized certificate!)
  • An invitation to create a personalized nature homepage on
  • Great Places E-Newsletter subscription filled with local and global conservation updates, enviro-tips you can use and stunning nature photography.

Best of all, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat now and for future generations. Please Adopt an Acre today!

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