Hawksbill turtle, Papua New Guinea Photo © Jeff Yonover
Letter from the Director

See how your support is helping create a lasting legacy for future generations in the coral reefs of Palau. Read this letter from program director Bill Raynor thanking you for your support of this critical landscape and discover the difference that your support is making.

Rock Islands, Republic of Palau, Palau © Jez O'Hare
Voices of the People

In 2005, President Remengesau of Palau committed his nation to preserving 30 percent of its nearshore marine resources and 20 percent of its terrestrial resources by 2020. With The Nature Conservancy’s help, President Remengesau launched the Micronesia Challenge in 2006, inspiring neighboring countries to match Palau’s bold conservation commitment.

© Jeff Yonover
Finding Hope among the Dead

Discover how our scientists are using ground-breaking science in Palau to protect and restore coral reefs that others had declared as dead or lost. View stunning photographs of the underwater treasures in this region known as the "Coral Triangle."

Rock Islands of Palau, Palau, Asia Pacific. © Jez O'Hare
Video: Journey to Palau

Dive deep underwater to witness the colorful splendor of Palau’s coral reefs. In this video clip, learn more about Palau and what The Nature Conservancy is doing to protect one of the world's most diverse and fragile coral reefs.

Rock Islands in the Republic of Palau, Palau © Jez O'Hare
A Champion of Coral Reefs

With a population of only 20,000 people, Palau is leading the world in coral reef and island conservation. The Nature Conservancy is supporting Palau in its effort to protect 30 percent of its near-shore marine resources and 20 percent of its terrestrial resources by 2020.