For Educators

The Nature Conservancy offers many free resources you may be able to use or adapt to fit your school's curriculum and inspire the next generation of conservation leaders.

Whether you have students like Bryan who raised $1,014 donating his birthday to help protect coral reefs or want to run an activity for your student group or school, the Adopt an Acre program can help. Watch this video to see how one elementary school worked together to protect three acres of rainforest in Costa Rica.

To get started, select your Adopt an Acre or Coral Reef location. When you raise $50 or more, you can donate online and get a certificate. You can print additional certificates yourself in the event you want to print one for each student or classroom in your school.

Along with your certificate, you’ll also get a fact sheet about the location or coral reef you helped to protect. Some educators opt to adopt a different location each quarter, others select one location for the whole year – the choice is yours. You can also get and share tips about the Adopt an Acre program with other educators.