Our Partners

The following companies are supporters of the Adopt an Acre and Adopt a Coral Reef programs. If your company is interested in sponsoring Adopt an Acre or Adopt a Coral Reef, please contact corporatepartnerships@tnc.org.


DisneynatureWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund committed to make a contribution to Adopt a Coral Reef in honor of every moviegoer who saw the Disneynature feature film OCEANS during its opening week in April 2010.  Nearly three-quarters of Earth's surface is covered by water and OCEANS boldly chronicles the mysteries that lie beneath.  OCEANS opened in theaters nationwide on April 22, 2010.


Sprint Sprint supported the Adopt an Acre program in the United States through the Samsung Reclaim™, which is designed with organic components and fully recyclable packaging. During 2009 when customers purchased a Samsung Reclaim from Sprint, $2 of the proceeds benefited The Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program.  The partnership reached the goal of $500,000!